A weekend away with Grace & Fraser

8th October, 2004
Grace & Fraser arrived in the evening and after one of Flossies ace dinners out came the cheese, busicuits and the Pussars and got down to the serious business of playing catch up on all the news. Wedding bells for these two love birds – WOW. Fraser still pinching himself that she said yes!. Poor girl. Seriously we are both dead chuffed for them and know the wedding will be a very happy crazy occasion to look forward to.

Had promised Fraser a weekend away on the ship and at last it is happening. Shall moor Galleons Reach / Margaret Ness for the night to return with tide the next day.

9th October, 2005
1130 – Slipped Chiswick – wind blew us off track but recovered – difficult exit.
1445 – Moored Greenwich Pier and went shopping in the markets.
1620 – Moored Cory Environemtnal moorings Margaret Ness.
2130 – Light meal and chiled out for the evening in the wheelhouse

10th October, 2005
1010 – Slipped for Chiswick on the incoming tide. Very windy and the Alternator is playing up. Overdue to service anyway. Plenty of power in the banks for invertors to operate until we get home.
1411 – Home mooring – wind blowing us off but managed to control entry without incident.

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