Shot the Movie – Going Dutch

22rd July, 2005
Young Ben (Movie Director in the making) arrives with Teresa (current heart throb)and all his kit ready to shot the rest of his movie for his college course. The subject a 20 minute documentary about Bruce and Caroline’s life living aboard Vrijheid.

Left Chiswick mooring with the tide in flood and as happens from time to time the ship decided to ignore skippers direction . The RNLI to the rescue. They held her nose in line with their bow until we had cleared the mooring. Should remember to never, never, never move in reverse against the float tide. Silly me.

1005 – Slipped Chiswick
1100 – Putney Rail
1111 – Wandsworth
1128 – Battersea
1315 – Call up West India for a bridge lift and permission to enter lock. Held off and at lift moved into the open lock. Last part of trip on the ebb helped our time.

1500 – engine and systems off and time to lower dinghy, mount the outboard and go for a tour of Blackwall and Poplar Docks. Cold wind so we all wrapped up warm.  Stopped off to say hello to Marc and Marie Claude (Weatherlight) and invited back for dinner.

1930 – Off to Weatherlight for dinner. We supplied the wine and dessert. Marie Claudes cooking is a treat in itself. Caroline made her speciality, homemade cheescake with pineapple. Lucky non of us were on a diet. What an evening catching up on the river spake, much laughter and chat about past experiences and near missess. The evening drew to a close as Marc had his RYA exam in the morning, it was already morning – Oops!

2200 – Ben & Teresa returned from their evening out at the Barbican. Coffee and night caps all round and to bed.

23rd July, 2005
1000 – West India Dock control called to confirm our slot to clear through at 1100. Ben trying desparately to catch all the action. Caroline stowed lines while Teresa helped with the lines aft. Lock gates open and in we went. Said our good byes to Sue King (Manager docks) and Malcolm, clearing the lock 1115hrs.

1437 – Arrived a little to early to home mooring so sailed up to Barnes bridge turning in time to return on the ebb.

Entered mooring, all wraps on and engine off. Bens’ smile said it all. Guess he has enough footage from the day and adding to the interview he should have the documentary well worth top marks for his final year project.