25th May DBA Cliveden Rally 2005

Wed 25th May
Four Soles onboard – Martin Muckett, Sue Cole, and We2.
1520 – Slipped Chiswick – tide in float
1547 – Brentford – Grande Union Canal Entrance
1605 – Richmond
1645 – Teddington – Bought non-tidal Thames River License 25/05 – 08/06 = £179.30
1723 – Kingston – Moored John Lewis for provisions shopping
1745 – Slipped Kingston
1827 – West Mosley
1945 – Sunbury
2007 – Walton Wharf

Thurs 26th
0830 – Slipped Walton Wharf after breakfast
0855 – Shepperton
1007 – Penton Hook
1145 – Old Windsor
1245 – Romney
1255 – Moored outside River House
1550 – Slipped after lunch and some final measuring before venturing under Eton Walk Bridge!
1620 – Bovney
1720 – Bray
1830 – Boulters – had to wait @ bray as power was off
1900 – Moored Cliveden Island beside Carl and Debs (Concordia)

May 31st
1030 – Slipped Cliveden Island. Apolonia, Daybreak, Concordia remaining. Martin off to
work & Sue returning with us.
1115 – Boulters
1205 – Bray
1250 – Bovney
1340 – Romney
1430 – Old Windsor
1630 – Penton Hook
1645 – Moored Laleham Reach. Martin returned end of day and we went to the Three
Horseshoes for dinner. Martin & Sue drove back to Clivedon to Robin (their narrowboat).

June 15th
1115 – Just us now, Flossie, the ship and me – We slipped mooring for
1200 – Chertsey
1310 – Walton Wharf. Spent afternoon and evening with Max & Linda – The Anglers Pub closes
Sunday for major refit.

June 2nd
0930 – Engine start & stop. Fan belt for water pump/dynamo broke. Nick (relief manager
the Anglers) lent me his car to drive to Slough to Wyko to order Powerflex Belt.

June 3rd
0930 – Borrow Nicks car (publican), again and go get belt from Wyko. Return and fit but now find the ignition switch works intermitent. Must get home so have to sail back to Chiswick with no instrumentation.
1200 – Slip Walton Wharf
1310 – West Mosley
1405 – Teddington
1445 – Richmond Draw Lock.
1650 – Engine off Chiswick mooring.

High point of the Rally had to be the Puppet show put on by the kids Saturday Night “The Sound of Music”. We musicians (Marting, Sue, Bruce and Russ) decided to strike up a singalong as thanks to the kids, before they went off to bed with Peter Paul and Mary Classics including Puff the Magic Dragon and Morning Town Ride among others. Got Mike (M.V.Reliance) going, he bought out his playing spoons. The Puppet Show was so touching. They had spent all day building the set in a woody clearing on the Island, practising the songs and marianette moves right under our noses with few knowing the scheme. Pure magic. We are so lucky. These sort of moments can never be repeated.