A Journey into the Unknown – Part III

21st November

Arrived 0715hrs ready for action. The river was flowing and by its speed I would estimate it would not be long before yellow boards would be out. Fortunately the entrance to the dock is designed for an upstream approach but it is still tricky when your aft is some 20meters into the stream and Vrijheid does not have a bowthruster. I’m relying on Caroline’s fantastic fender work to offset the lack of bow manoeuvrability. As it turned out we entered the dock like professionals and after the quarter lines were equally secured, draining the dry dock commenced. Time for a cuppatea and a wait for an hour. Having been here before John marked the position on the ship for the last trestle to ensure we did not foul skege.

I had the hull water blasted by 1330hrs and a call to John Bowan the surveyor, as previously arranged, suggested we would be ready for him at 1400hrs and would assist in chalking up the hull and walk through much of the interior information gathering and inspections as required.

All the anodes at the aft of the ship were depleted. They were smaller than those we used on the remainder of the hull but at least they had done their work. Not helped by us now being in brackish water though as they were for fresh water. Stephan Fritz arrived to start the hull inspection and suggested we change to aluminium anodes all round. Order placed and with little else any we could do for the day with fading light we packed up and let the hull to dry overnight in preparation for the ultrasound and hammer survey tomorrow , all departing at 1530hrs for digs off site.