Maintenance – Engine 50hr Service

Fuel System
Primary cartridge – Baldwin FFRC 11861
Secondary cartridge – FFRC 11863
Drain and clean housings, replace worn banjo fitting, bleed system.

Engine. Drain and replace Gearbox – drain and replace.

Cooling system
Drain and replace (add anti-corrosion fluid) to normal level, check for leaks – all OK.

Crankset – Electrolyte levels OK (SG1740) fully charged.
Domestic Banks – Annual electrolyte top up (17 litres) (SG1730)

Stern Gland – Refill reservoir (2litres)

Visual checks – Alternator & dynamo belt tension – OK. (small adjustment of alternator belts).
Run up engine in forward gear 1 hour. Oil pressure, water temperature, batteries – all within limits.

Observations: As log will show we have not taken VRIJHEID out to play in 2009 but with spring only a few months away and fewer commitments we intend changing that in 2010.