Maintenance – Engine 80hr Service

Fuel System
Visal system check. All connections dry, Port tank gate valve, nip up 1/2 turn.
Bleed filters into glass, clean fuel. All – OK

Engine – Oil level at upper mark – OK
Gearbox – Oil level at upper mark – OK

Cooling system
Check system for leaks – all OK
Check level in header tank – all OK

Crankset – (SG1740) fully charged. Good electrolyte levels – All OK
Domestic Banks – top up both banks (10 litres) (SG1720 average)

Stern Gland – Reservoir half full. Zero weep into bilge.

Visual checks – Alternator & dynamo belt tension – OK.

Run up engine in forward gear for an hour – 1000rpm. Oil pressure, water temperature, batteries – all within limits.

Log entry for survey journey July 2010 omitted – Oops! Innocent oversite – rectify today.
Small amount of water in bilge, not surprisng after the winter condensation – 30 minute rubber glove exercise with a sponge. Estimate 5 litres.
Removed bilge pump and tested – OK.
Checked bolts on shaft including antivibration link – OK (torqued)
Changed engine room lights – 24v/60w x 2.