Re-Launch of

All good things come to an end, well almost!

If you are a regular visitor we hope you approve of the updated style and appearance of the re-launched website for Vrijheid.

The content remains much the same as it is a historical reference for one of the many ships built with pride by Van der Werf of the Stadskanal yard in The Netherland (Holland) displaying the tell-tale “banana-shape” sheer line.

Our many thanks to Stuart Ford, dear friend, web developer and our ever patient mentor to all things web related. A great website Stuart, even better than the last one if that is possible, we are eternally grateful.

Now we have better access there will be little to no excuse for not keeping our friends and followers up to date and will start over the next period updating a year of life with our Vrijheid 2012.

Vrijheid resting on her mooring in Gravesend, Kent.

Vrijheid resting on her mooring in Gravesend, Kent.