We’re Beached!

Port Medway Dry Dock_w_01

Friday afternoon last found me busting a gut to drive through my work schedule freeing up the afternoon to move our Vrijheid into the Port Medway Marina dry dock. Kind thanks to the company Fercell Engineering for allowing me the time away.

De-brief was for 1230hrs in the marina offices, another professional touch to this marina management, proving invaluable so each and all were singing from the same hymn sheet. Helming 28m x 5m in close quarters is never something I relish especially with so many yoghurt pots to take a glancing blow to!

Neil elected to join me as crew, Caroline was regrettably otherwise engaged, leaving the holding pontoon to run with the tide to the dry dock. The wind, from our port gusted from time to time which was no help at all.

Turning on the river below the dock entrance we elected to approach the entrance putting into the incoming tide and with the wind now on our starboard all the elements were in our favour. So far so good, and pleased, to have Neil as company onboard Guess the support does not go amiss, as it the first time since taking ownership of our VRIJHEID (Sept 1993) I have helmed the vessel without the usual crew (Caroline)?

Turning into the entrance seemed to be too easy and the yard tug “Pugwash” was there standing off as the “just-in-case” safety.

Bow and aft lines now to the yard hands waiting on shore secure the tug gently turned the ship into the dry dock entrance to be pulled, nudged and encouraged into the dock proper.

Within the hour the ship was in position and we chatted while waiting to the tide to ebb allowing her to take the stools avoiding catching the skeg and bow rudder of which both extend below the hull.

So what is the hull condition? Tomorrow’s Log Blog. We have been told of an excellent local pub with good food so with Caroline now back home we are off to dinner. The White Hart Public House